If you make your own choices in life , and set your own standards,,,

Your independent and will understand why our hand made units are only sold via certain retailers worldwide. Not everyone sells with you in mind. People seek out our products, as do the people that sell them . Only a small number of individuals can have what we make, but many aspire to being able too. We want people that enjoy the reason we make it all happen. We are proud of what WE make, so you can be proud to OWN what WE make . After all you belong to a very select family of real music lovers, you don't run with herd.

We will help you enjoy music again , contacting us is the best way of doing so.

We love what we make, contacting us stops retailers claiming to sell ONIX , while they try to sell you something else . We want you to select ONIX for what it is, not just a brand. We are not Samsung, Apple or The China Golden Eagle Electronics Company Limited making 150 branded products for western companies to claim they make it . Our products sell on merit. and are made by us . We actually reply to emails, and we actually answer the phone,after all we are all people "we are not involuntary slaves staring at screens connected to binary machines" .

In the UK the Distance Selling Act to is a huge help ( click here),This is why...

... Call us or email us, and we will send you our T&C's, then ( subject to pre order availability) along with no dealer representation within 50 miles of you home address- your chosen unit will be shipped directly to you after receipt of payment. You can then assess the product for 14 days in your own home. If you don't like it, or it doesn't suit your purpose, we will collect the unit and within 3 working days of receiving the unit a full refund will be made directly to you.

A personal message from our CEO Adam Worsfold:-

I believe in evolution not revolution, I love Music and the pursuit of great sound. The music world is changing, it always has , but the choices we have of how we listen to it, or the products we buy to hear it are changing too . We should all embrace the choices we still have to enjoy great sound, I cant help feeling one day too many will not know what good sound is or what it takes to make it , if we don't keep it alive by hearing it, it will go the way of the dodo.

We are independent and have NEVER put bean counters first.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1329 550828

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