Anything worth having is worth looking for...

.. for the privileged few , a hand made product that is only sold via a few retailers is what exclusive means , our amps are not so easy to find . You are an individual person, not just a "customer number " , and that's how we like it, our buyer is not a herd animal and that's how they like it .If you want exclusive, contact us . Were happy to help, we listen to every single amp because we know you do too .

Enjoy the music, dont just hear it, Enjoy it once again

We reply to emails,.. yes we do, and we answer the phone, yep that too.we are not corporate economic slaves, staring at LCD screens, connected to binary machines, we are not slaves to the banks or the goverment .

UK +44-1329-550828 -"Hello ONIX , How Can I help you "?