Design Reality

Adam Worsfold, our CEO and the design engineer for all of our ONIX products, is proud to have launched the ONIX DNA-50 integrated amplifier. The design took him over 4 years to perfect, believing that a clean sheet design using established and evolved principles, would be the pinnacle of all his designs. Adam, being one of the original founders of ONIX AUDIO, the company responsible for the classic OA21s integrated amplifier and its design.

Our beliefs & Design Objectives

The ability to understand the listeners requirements of a product with careful focus on total knowledge of each and every part creating it. Understanding each components function within the whole unit. In essence, a marriage of 625 parts when divorce is not an option - creating the new DNA-50 with uncompromising integrity.

To create, with design, the best performing and most reliable product that cost and value allows.

Ultimate result of good Design Integrity... value and longevity

We still service all of our original products and are proud to do so, we have been asked why and we answer... because we can.