Recent Enforcement Success

After more than 20 years, the Onix trade mark has been returned to Adam Worsfold. After successfully opposing the current assignment, the UK Intellectual Property Office ordered that the trade mark be returned to its rightful owner, Adam Worsfold.

Onix DNA Ltd has also been awarded costs in their successful opposition filed to the OHIM against Shenzen Shanling Digital Technology Development Electronics and their attempt to register Onix Electronics as a trademark in the 27 member states of the EU. This is an important win in protecting our trade mark and to build our IP portfolio.

We have attached below copies of the ruling and the original opposition. All Community Trade Marks and associated rulings and other can be viewed online at the official OHIM CTM site: .

Click on the images below to view the CTM ruling in favour of ONIX DNA's opposition:

Intellectual Property

To help protect its valuable trademarks and to preserve the goodwill and exclusivity of Onix DNA designs, Onix DNA strictly controls the sale of its products and the use of its trademarks, and has devoted and continues to devote substantial resources to protect the company's Intellectual Property. This includes enforcement measures to prevent others from using the history and reputation of Adam Worsfold and/or the history of the original Onix during the period when Mr. Worsfold owned and operated the company.

“The single largest source of intangible value in a company is its trademark,” says brand specialist David Haigh in a recent article published in Forbes magazine. “That insight is a major sea change that has come about over the last couple of years,” he adds. It has also been noted that there has been a 70% increase in the number of trademarks registered in the last twelve months.

ONIXDNA Trade Mark protection in the EU - Also protecting ONIX, XDNA and DNA - These certificates of registration have been issued for the EU for Trade Mark protection of OnixDNA (and ONIX, XDNA and DNA) in all 27 member countries. These Trade Marks can be inspected online at the site of the EU Office for Market Harmonization: Enter ONIXDNA (or ONIX, XDNA or DNA) in the search box to locate the record of the Trade Marks.

Copies of each of the Trade Mark certificates can also be viewed by clicking on the relevant icons on the right hand side of this page.

Intellectual Property Rights - including trademarks – are a powerful tool to preserve the value and reputation built by a company and its creations. The most valuable trade mark in the world today is Apple, overtaking global brand machines Coca Cola and Microsoft. For many companies, their intellectual property is significantly more valuable than their physical assets. No one doubts the value of carefully built brands but a brand can only grow in value if you are able to protect it. Registering and obtaining those trademarks is costly and can take years. A company with registered trademarks automatically has value that is never disputed and in the aforementioned examples runs in to billions of dollars.

List of Trade Marks already granted:

  • ONIX (UK Trade Mark)
  • ONIX (EU Trade Mark)
  • ONIXDNA (EU Trade Mark)
  • XDNA (EU Trade Mark)
  • DNA (EU Trade Mark)
  • ONIXDNA (UK Trade Mark)

Various enforcement actions already taken:

- Continued preventative action against trademark infringement.

- Removal of unauthorised Facebook pages and other social media sites.

- Preventative action to stop distribution of Chinese manufactured products bearing the name Onix Electronics Ltd in the UK and/or Onix in the EU.

- Oppose registration of marks in the 27 member states of EU that pose a likelihood of confusion.

- Interaction with distributors and retailers to cease the selling of products infringing our trademarks in the EU.

- Contesting of domain name registered in bad faith and names creating trademark infringement.

- Requesting magazines and web publications to remove or retract references to infringing activities.