Successful Enforcement

After more than 20 years, the "ONIX" trade mark was returned to Adam Worsfold in 2014 after a six year battle for illegal assignment. After successfully opposing the current assignment, the UK Intellectual Property Office ordered that the trade mark be returned to its rightful owner, Adam Worsfold.

What are Intellectual Property rights?

Intellectual Property rights are a company or individuals right to protect their investment in research and development, safety of manufacturing processes and associated trademarks ( names ) that have created brand awareness for the consumer.

This is done by an expensive and exhaustive process of registering designs and trademarks (names) so that when people buy products they can be assured of a certain quality/safety and ethical existence.

What is Intellectual Property Theft ?

Using a brand that is not yours is stealing a reputation that you didn't earn and it is selling you a product fraudulently - this is never acceptable. If you steal a design or copy a product that you did not develop or research, you are cheating everyone , compromising the ability of designers to progress the world we live in by removing future research and development funds.

The above actions are rife in China and in some cases, India. If you buy these fake branded products, you become as fake as the products themselves. You support crime and in some cases, child labour. You risk your own safety and that of your family due to the lack of understanding of it integrity. These products are always false economy, as the manufactures are clearly ashamed to use their own name or stand behind the product they make.

We are proud of our brand, we are proud of our integrity and we stand behind what we do. Its called R & D and copying others is not part of it