The Driver (we let him think that, as he is the CEO)

A company must have a driver that will take the company and its people to the place it needs to be. The driver must do it in safety, in the best possible way. The driver must deliver results for everyone; the customers, the staff, and the company.


Adam W is a founder of ONIX AUDIO. He remains our principal designer (electronics runs through his veins, we're not sure that he's human) and he lives music and loves movies.

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Why he is our CEO:

  • Adam built the brand, ONIX AUDIO, when he was only 21 years old. ONIX is known and was sold in over 28 countries.
  • Everything made by ONIX is still designed and made in the UK.
  • Adam lives music and reproduction of it and has done so since he was 4 years old, when he got his first record player.
  • He is frequently criticised for his direct approach, but he has real tenacity in standing behind it.
  • He hates the general degrade of standards in all walks of life and the relentless pursuit of cost cutting across the planet.
  • He loves individuality and passion and respects success no matter how it's measured.

What is his driving force?

  • Adam drives the company with ideals many struggle to comprehend or understand why.
  • All companies are built by people, everyone must enjoy each day at work, and customers feel the culture of a company in its products.

ONIX DNA & ONIX GB were created with all the above foundations for future existence.

...........Adam listening to music