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05-01-2019 England

Onix launched the DNA50 in 2016 the same year that the UK decided that it would leave the EU. It quickly became very clear that the country would suffer and leave nothing without some effect. We decided to baton down our hatches and are proud to have done so. We will be launching our new products in 2019 and will launch our new site along with new products in Q2 of 2019. Taking in to account like many others where Brexit will take us and how we have to morph.

23-10-17 Hi-Fi Answers Review

Hi-Fi News (Audiophile) have now published their review on the DNA-50. We are extremely pleased with it and express our thanks to the team at the online audio magazine.

02-10-17 Bonn Hi-Fi Show

We have just returned from our second German Hi-Fi show of the year, this time in Bonn. A very successful event, credit to the organisers. We enjoyed seeing our products on display and it was a great opportunity to meet new people.

08-09-17 Export in Germany

We have recently appointed a German distributor. We look forward to our products being received and enjoyed in Germany.

01-06-17 Export in Asia

We are pleased to announce that we are now exporting to Asia. If any of our customers wish for further information, please contact us.

08-05-17 DNA-45

The ONIX DNA-45. Is a build to order product mainly for the Asian market, we will not supply Europe with this Model .

21-04-17 Reviews Section

Have you seen the new reviews section for the DNA-50? Featuring links to the reviews from Hi-Fi+ and Hifi Pig.

01-12-16 Launch

The ONIX DNA-50 is available exclusive dealers, dealers that understand what we do and why we do it. We demand support to our standards, so please contact us by E-mail or better still, call us. We love music and talk to those that do too.