The ultimate amplifier: DNA-50 U we can only make 10 each year.

Why is this the ultimate amplifier?

Ten a year , be the owner of one in ten for 2018, we can only a select few components that make the grade so that's all we can make. Just 10 a year and that's how it is,its the nature of what we need to make it. You want to be one in 10 for 2018 ?

Spec SHOULD NOT be subject to change !!

Every single product in the world WITHOUT EXCEPTION is manufactured with tolerances - "without exception". In normal use, these tolerances do not affect the products initial performance but depending on how large the tolerance is, they do affect certain products and their life expectancy. No product will remain in tolerance from the day it was made forever, some will stay in tolerance longer than others, depending on the quality of the components and quality of design/manufacture. This is why so many cheap products fail early, the tolerance is much larger due to the lower acceptance of failure rate at manufacture and the cost ability to scrap components. Every component scrapped for failed tolerance that is normally set by the product manufacturer has to be payed for by the consumer of the finished product. If machines make products as many do (not us), why is it so cheap to manufacture in China when actually people aren't used any more than the west? The reason is simple, manufacturers of cheaper products throw nothing away for tolerance failure. Please see our video...

What do you do to the ultimate DNA-50 to solve this?

If we use a 1 m ohm resistor (1 million ohms) in our circuit, we would specify a 1% tolerance resistor. Cheaper products may use a 10% tolerance resistor. This would mean that even at 1%, the +/- figure would be 10,000 ohms. At 10% this would be, 100,000 ohms. We have 625 components in the DNA-50, all of them are the best that we can buy for the job they are designed to do. Can you imagine combined tolerance of those components, even at 1% it can add up. This is why we listen to every amplifier. However the DNA-50 U has the ideal matched components within the components we buy, matched together for the job that they do.

The reality

We measure every component that we use in the DNA-50 U and we make sure that the tolerance is almost perfect. In other words a 1 m ohm resistor measures as near to 1 m ohms as we have available. This leads to nothing short of ultimate perfection. Our capacitors are measured for capacitance and are matched so that the capacitance of each capacitor are matched in both channels and in the power supply for perfection. The importance of this cannot be stressed, as a normal electrolytic capacitor has a 20% tolerance.


We can only make 10 of these a year as the components are selected and set aside for perfection. We do not use these units for review as it is unrepresented of what we make, these are truly the ultimate units that most manufactures keep aside for 'special' customers and show use. We however sell them via selected dealers to the consumer, so they do not end up as an unrepresentative example of what you buy.


The ultimate DNA-50 difference:

You get a certificate of authenticity. This certificate contains the spec of the very amp you buy:

  • Components measured
  • Final power output - frequency spectrum
  • Signal to noise ratio - balance
  • Country of origin for each component
  • Anything else of critical importance to the sound

Your unit will have a limited edition RED serial number and you will get to hear music like you've never heard before, from the ultimate DNA-50 amplifier.

The Cost

DNA-50 U - Price on request