Our Spec DOES NOT "change without notice".. IT IS CRUCIAL, Learn why ...

Main Power Switch

Criteria: 6A switch.

Reality: We sourced 20 panel mount switches. 18 rated at 6A failed at less than 6A. 2 passed at more than 6A - 9A and 11A respectively. We used only one after taking them apart, seeing how they are made and testing them to destruction of 11A. One was rated 6amp and failed at less than 1amp , it was made in China !!

Voltage Power Transformer

Criteria: 45mm high. DNA-50: 350vA. DNA-45: 250vA.

Reality: Several sources of copper supplied to us. We paid to analyse the purity of the copper, we found all copper supplied to us specified as 99.9% pure. Only one supplier out of 6 met specification. This supplier is based in Sweden.

The core: The transformer core is made of soft iron. The design of the core and its ability to create our power rating for the transformer along with its physical dimension, can only be achieved by quality, soft iron and only sourced in England.

Our transformers are manufactured by the same people that have made every transformer in every ONIX Audio/ONIX DNA product since Day 1. Our transformer is the heart of the DNA-50/DNA-45. Its design and its reality cannot be ignored.

Power & Current Supply

Criteria: To enable extreme transient frequency response over a wide range of loads, with virtually no degrade of power supply.

Reality: We use 8 x 4700uF capacitors. This achieves incredible stability of power coming from our transformer ensuring that the signal path is at its smoothest, meaning distortion of sound is nonexistent. This is due to the capacitors having unbelievable ripple rejection.

Heat Dissipation for Reliability and Life

Criteria: No vents. No fans. No need for restrictive circuitry and complete elimination of thermal runaway.

Reality: Designed by us - we use a patented bespoke and uniquely processed heat sink which enables any heat created by the final output stage to be moved throughout the entire case acting as a single heatsink with a dissipation rate of over 95% of the heat generated - creating an unprecedented reference in heat dissipation and thermal stability.

Sound Path and Copper Content

Criteria: Taking a pure signal path, make switch managing it as close to the input on the amplifier as physically possible.

Reality: Achieved by gold plated, vacuum sealed, Japanese manufactured long-life, heavy duty signal relays.

Switching is carried out by a single microprocessor and dedicated digital encoder, with software written by us as to enable management of all input sources.It all travel VIA 99.99% Pure Copper on the German Made PCB board .

Volume control with no sound degrade


This is the volume potentiometer that we use in the DNA-50. See the image and text below for more information on how carefully we choose the components that we use in our products.

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As you can see in this photo: The two components on the left have far more wipers than the two on the right. Also the bands are much thicker, creating a more reliable and well manufactured component. It's extremes such as this, that make ONIX products different to others.

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We do not only test each component... we dismantle & dissect it.

Looking at Sound

Watch the machining of the DNA-50 Front Panel