ONIX Technology

What is technology?

This is a question that many people have raised in recent years. We believe technology is the ability to recognise, implement and understand what you are doing. It's the ability to understand what is available, how it's made, how you can design it to last, how you can make it, how you can utilise it and how it functions for you, the end user. In use, technology is understanding every single part of every single finished product and its function within it. Anything other than this is pure hype and uses as a smoke screen for what you are actually buying.

ONIX technology

We test every single component before it is specified for use. We establish its manufacture process, its material content, its origin of manufacture (where its made), its destruction tolerance and more importantly than any of this... how it sounds when we use it. Every product we have ever sold before it is released for sale, is tested to destruction to establish the abuse it can take and the result of failure. We tested the DNA-50, our new amplifier, under extreme loads to a temperature of 145 degrees c. The test was halted when the adhesive pads of the rubber feet started to melt. But the DNA-50 continued to perform without failure or degrade of performance.

No consumer environment would ever create this test.

Components ONIX use

After 30 years of experience one simple sentence has taught us many lessons: "Specification subject to change without notice". The result is when we design a component or a system for use of that component, we test it, we measure it, we listen to it and then we dissect it. We see how it's made, we see what it's made from, we see if the spec sheet is correct, we make sure that every component that we use is only used to 50% of its working limit. Any component in any ONIX product made by us, will only be stressed to half of what it is capable of doing. The cost of this basic design principle is normally compromised by other companies for the sake of profit. WE REFUSE to compromise performance, reliability and longevity for these predominantly minimal savings. Every component is inspected and rejected if not made to our requirements.

What does it mean to you?

Products that you understand, with features you can use, that work the way you want them to reliably for many years. Made by people that are proud to make them, knowing how to make them and love doing so.

Experience the creation of the ONIX DNA-50's Front Panel