The ONIX DNA Strand

At ONIX Audio/ONIX GB we know what components do ..and they cant read

We make and source perfectly matched components (625 separate parts). We do not believe a single spec sheet we test them ourselves. This advantage is definitive in every aspect of our products. Accountants have no say... EVER. Cost cutting for profit is never carried out. Good design does not allow compromise, and good value is always built in. Spec sheets lie as do most large companies making things .

Design Integrity.. The knowledge of how it works in every way

Knowledge and good design is everything, "EVERYTHING". 30 years of mistakes and the knowledge that allows choices that improve the end product, driven by passion and perfection. We encourage every member of staff to own one of our products, luckily they all want to!

Understanding... Yep its essential

Understanding design integrity and how the product will be used and by whom, day-in-day-out for many years. Simultaneously driven by perfection, beliefs and ideals, along with knowledge passed down through the years by others. Allowing experience and training as a driving principle of growth and perfection within the company.

Do you care about integrity?.. Well you should

Do you? You need too, and if you do, then so should we. Sadly most companies don't care anymore - to most you are a number, not a human. Social media is not social interaction. Talking and communicating is.

What's your name? Got a Voice ? Let us know. Get in touch ONIX GB.